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Keep a cool head

Leaner and cleaner cooling. As our planet is warming up, so is our global demand for cooling. As a highly energy-intense application, this is becoming an increasing challenge to do this efficiently, and sustainably, especially in hot and humid climates where condensation can pose quite a challenge on the lifetime of cooling systems . So how can we develop suitable solutions in tackling these challenges in regard to efficiency, environment and future?

Friendly on your wallet, comfort, environment and future

Our cooling solutions comply with, and often exceed, international safety standards and regulations. We know that our materials are part of the daily environment in your home, workspace and even vacation setting. So we are dedicated to your safety as well as your comfort.

The process of cooling requires significant energy. So the prevention of wasted energy takes a critical role. Thermaflex can help you minimize energy losses and increase your use of renewable energy sources.

Beat condensation

Condensation on cold water pipes corrodes them, breaks down your insulation with leakages and other stinging headaches as a result. Our closed-cell and water-repellent insulation is your best defense against condensation and makes an important contribution to your comfort, and energy bill.


• Enjoy indoor comfort without the headaches as a result of condensation problems
• Bypass poor air quality and nasty odors
• Enjoy the silence of running water
• Keep a cool head with a system that outlasts generations to come


Our local specialists can help you find the right solution

White Papers

  The influence of insulation blowing agents on pipe corrosion PDF 466 KB Preview Download Mail

In the world of synthetic insulation, 2 main types of blowing agents are used to foam the product: chemical and physical blowing agents. What is the difference in relation to their influence on pipe corrosion?

Environmental Certifications

  What is an EPD? PDF 421 KB Preview Download Mail

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