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New distributor in Denmark ScanPipe

ScanPipe as exclusive distributor of Thermaflex Flexalen pre-insulated district heating piping system in Denmark

Denmark’s largest wholesaler specialized in water and drainage, ScanPipe, is since the 1st of april expanding to also supply plastic pre-insulated pipes for district heating in Denmark.

ScanPipe has a very wide range of products suitable for water and sewerage, and will in the future be able to offer customers Flexalen district heating pipes from Thermaflex. Via ScanPipe Vand & Design, ScanPipe will also be able to offer total solutions including welding of the plastic pipes.

Jan Hønning, who has been in charge of the sales activities in Thermaflex in Scandinavia, will remain part of the Thermaflex team, responsible for the new set up with green sustainable solutions. Thermaflex together with ScanPipe will focus towards consulting engineers, district heating installations and larger projects.

Who is ScanPipe?

ScanPipe is among the largest suppliers of water and sewerage products to Danish construction companies. They are Denmark’s largest wholesaler specializing in water and sewerage.

For over 25 years, ScanPipe has specialized in Water & sewerage all these years, and they have always focused on providing good service and competent advice to their contractor customers all over the country.

You can read more about ScanPipe on their website here.

Good reasons to choose Flexalen district heating pipes

There are many good reasons to choose Flexalen flexible insulated plastic district heating pipes:

  • They are corrosion free,
  • Longest expected lifetime up to 100 years and up to 50 years warranty (depending on temperature),
  • Handles temperatures up to 95°C,
  • Better pressure resistance (PN8),
  • Offered in sizes PB25-PB315,
  • Excellent for welding and mechanical joints,
  • Takes length extensions, so no need for loops,
  • No need for expansion compensation,
  • Comprehensive range within project-adapted prefab solutions,
  • Can be assembled mechanically with standard tools, electrically welded and butt-welded,
  • Sustainable,
  • 100% reusability,
  • Has Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certification.

Heating & cooling networks

Flexalen pipes are assembled by electric or butt welding by the contractor himself and/or a plastic welding company. That is no long waiting times for expensive welding personnel, X-ray control and subsequent insulation of the joint. All this is carried out in one work step by the contractor or the plastic welding company itself. This is where the huge savings benefit the timetable for rolling out the district heating network as well as the economy for consumers.