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Closing the gap... and beyond

Circle of life. Everything has an expiry date, that also goes for the systems we put in the ground. Leakages, energy losses, undersized/oversized systems, downtime … some common ingredients for stinging headaches. So the challenge is to effectively renew that date, as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to make it last. The faster and smoother that process is, the more profitable for all parties involved. That’s what drives us!

A new beginning…

This is true for both buildings and district energy systems. In close cooperation with contractors, installers and energy companies, we develop smart solutions for a swift renewal and upgrading of thermal energy distribution systems. We bring together know-how in network engineering, state-of-the-art systems, and a wide experience in renovation projects to secure a reliable and efficient energy supply for decades to come. 

The ease and speed of installation allows for minimal downtime, our training and on-site support can make extra sure of that! Innovative materials combined into complete smart systems together with a tailored design greatly minimize maintenance and operating costs. That also goes for environmental costs: in addition to an efficient and durable use of energy, our materials are 100% recyclable.

A winning team!

In cooperation with Building developers and energy companies we have developed smart solutions for fast renovation and upgrading of thermal energy distribution. Bringing together our advanced know how in network engineering, state of the art flexible pre-insulated pipe system, as well as a wide project realization experience.

The main Benefits can be summarized with our ambition to minimize the disturbances by maximizing the pre-fabrication in our factories.

  • Reducing the work on site by up to 80%
  • Improving the speed by a factor 5
  • Sustainable, durable and 100% recyclable materials
  • Design support for network design and optimization
  • Tailor made solutions for fast and safe network installation
  • Minimization of workspace (trenching) – less impact on environment
  • Smooth renovation process – Minimum of disturbance during renovation
  • On-site changes tackled on the spot
  • Secure supply
  • Secured return on investment
  • Compliance to local rules & laws throughout warranty and certifications


  Earth Quake resistance certificate PDF 735 KB Preview Download Mail

Technical report of dynamic tests performed on Flexalen pre-insulated pipe systems, simulating seismic with 7-9 intensity on the MSK-64 scale.
Flexalen is recommended for applications in the regions with seismic activity of 7-9 magnitude.

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