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Prefabricated networks

Reliable networks in record time

Connections are always the most critical components of your heating or cooling network. You now can secure maximum safety while drastically reducing installation time with our prefabricated connections, Flexalinks or Flexanet complete district heating networks on coil. Take the risk out of the field, and onto our controlled factory floor where all connections and pipes are customized and tested. Ready for a swift and secure roll out.

Maximum reliability

Risks such as ground water, bad weather or faulty connections are major influences on the performance and life expectancy of a network. Prefabricated house connections for heating and cooling grids reduce the amount of on-site connections by at least 70% compared to traditional systems. This minimizes the number of joints so that network lifetime is maximized – securing maintenance-free comfort for current, and future users.

Fast and easy installation

Making complicated connections in the trench can be complex, risky and time consuming. With Flexanet and Flexalink prefabrication technology, a complete street can be connected to the district heating network in just 1 day. Flexible routing allows smaller trenches and less impact to the surroundings. This mitigates two key barriers in network realization: disturbance to daily life, and installation and operational risks.

Stay on budget and planning

Our specialists can help you in the network design phase to provide you tailored advice on suitable prefabrication technologies that meet your specific needs. Components can be delivered just-in-time, reducing stock at construction sites.

Your reliability, our responsibility

Our DVS certified craftsmen ensure that the production of prefabricated connections meet the highest quality expectations. Each component is pressure tested before being delivered to the project site.

Check out the Flexalen technical product guide below for more technical information or contact us for tailored advice!

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