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Jointing Technology

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Connecting the source and users of thermal energy requires safe, durable and efficient jointing systems which also need to be adaptive to local circumstances. Modern jointing technology for Polybutene-1 piping systems, whether carried out on the building site, or prefabricated in the workshop, provides fast, safe and efficient installation, hence cost-effective. 

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Quality and speed by installation simplicity

Piping systems from Polybutene-1 have revolutionised how hot and cold water pressurised systems are installed. With the installation of PB-1 piping, no bending tools, no naked flame, and no fluxes or chemicals are needed.

Whether you’re dealing with renovation project or new construction, the benefits of homogenous welding remain:

  • Immune to creep
  • Safe and cost effective pre-fabrication
  • Fast and safe installation
  • Minimum required space for installation
  • Maintenance free
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion and incrustation free
  • High temperature and pressure resistance
  • Noise absorbing

The right connection technology for the right application:

There are four possibilities for joining pipes made from PB-1 with fittings. These are socket fusion, compression fittings, electro-fusion, and butt fusion for large diameter pipes.

The transition to other materials, valves, pumps etc. are solved with screw-end, flanged and special transition fittings, like the solution for PB-1 to Steel connection in the ground.

Our specialists happily assist you in selecting the right connection technology according to your preferences.

Tested to last

Connections have to pass the most severe tests introduced by CEN, DVGW, KIWA or CSTB. Our solutions are certified and have proven their durability in installations for the last 35 years.

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