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ThermaEco FRZ

Taking good care
ThermaEco FRZ
ThermaEco FRZ
ThermaEco FRZ
ThermaEco FRZ

Trusted by professionals. Relied on by users. Installers look to ThermaEco for its fast and easy installation. Building and home owners value its high, sustainable performance and environmental impact, proven time and time again in thousands of residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

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Universal applications. Consistent results.

The uses for ThermaEco are universal. It can be used for heating, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary applications. Its excellent performance and durable protection against damage, temperature fluctuations and condensation is ensured by the polyethylene constituent. 

Better for buildings. Better for the Earth.

We've developed ThermaEco with a guarantee on efficiency, as well as environmental performance as it minimizes primary energy demand and consequent carbon emissions. On top of that, it can be reclaimed and fully recycled to serve another future. For our ThermaEco tubes, an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is available. Find it in our knowledge center.

  • Sustainability

    Fully recyclable

    Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) available for FRZ tubes

    Download it in the knowledge center!

  • Fire

    Good flame extinguishing properties

  • Health

    Produced without (H)CFC

    Complies to REACH
    Complies to VOC (Volatile organic components)
    Complies to RoHS (Restriction of Hazerdous Substances)

  • Certificates

    CE system 3 certified

  • Insulation

    Semi-flexible thermoplastic foam

    Excellent insulation properties

  • Water

    Closed cell structure for good water vapor barrier

  • Availabilities





  CE System 3-Declaration of Conformity - ThermaECO, ThermaCompact IS PDF 4492 KB Preview Download Mail

Declaration of Conformity for CE system 3 products according to EN14313:20109+A1:2013.

  CE system 1-Declaration of Conformity - ThermaECO FRZ PDF 1247 KB Preview Download Mail

Declaration of Conformity for CE system 1 products according to EN14313:20109+A1:2013.

  Hygeniec Attest - ThermaECO, ThermaCompact, ThermaRods PDF 564 KB Preview Download Mail

Hygeniec Attest


Radius 10 Km
200 Km
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