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ThermaCompact TF

Quietly successful
ThermaCompact TF
ThermaCompact TF

Now you hear it. Now you don’t.
Noise in cast iron (SMT) and plastic plumbing pipes can come from faulty insulation, rainwater and other sources. If that’s your problem, look to ThermaCompact TF. We created it with our stakeholders to effectively eliminate the sound of noisy pipes. ThermaCompact TF is made with a flexible, closed cell structure polyethylene foam with a very strong, red polyethylene skin.

  • Sustainability

    Fully recyclable

  • Installation

    Easy pipe insertion thanks to internal gliding foil

  • Fire

    Good flame extinguishing properties
    SBI EL

  • Health

    Produced without (H)CFC
    Complies to REACH
    Complies to VOC (Volatile organic components)
    Complies to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

  • Insulation

    Semi-flexible thermoplastic foam
    Excellent insulation properties
    Lambda 0.040 W/mK at 40°C (EN ISO 8497)
    Lambda 0.036 W/mK at 0°C (EN ISO 8497)

  • Water

    Closed cell structure for good water vapor barrier
    Water vapor resistance ϻ-value ≥ 3500 (EN13469)
    Water absorption WS05 (EN 13472)

  • Service temperatures

    Wide service temperature range
    Minimum -80°C
    Maximum 95°C (EN 14707)

  • Additional information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the technical datasheet!

  • Availabilities

    Available in coil
    Standard diameter range: 15 to 150 mm ID
    Standard thickness: 4, 9 mm
    Standard length: 10 meters coiled
    Color: white foam with red skin


Radius 10 Km
200 Km
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