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Walking the walk: the COP21

November 26, 2015 in Events

This Monday, the biggest climate conference of the decade will take place in Paris, bringing together 195 delegates for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This is a momentous opportunity to put the world on course to meet the looming climate challenges we face today, and cooperate to develop growth models that are safe, sustainable and beneficial for all. A Paris Agreement to do so is not only possible, it is fundamental and urgent.

The heat is on

Climate change isn’t just a problem for future generations: even today, the consequences can be felt globally. So far, however, commitments from our governments aren’t really adding up — even after the 2 hottest years in history, and at a moment when renewable energy is becoming a revolutionary opportunity that could power a crucial transition away from fossil fuels. Political feasibility and existing interests have not yet become the driver of this transition.

We may be unstoppable, but climate change isn’t

That is why our CEO, Gerrit-Jan Baars, will board the Train to Paris this Saturday. This is an international initiative to inspire the politicians and negotiators on their way towards the COP21 to remove the barriers for green and sustainable growth. He, and other drivers in the Thermaflex team will join climate marches around the world and voice our hunger for a sustainable and equitable future - and break through the barriers that prevent us to achieve that.

Earlier this month, Thermaflex joined forces with over 300 leading companies under the Dutch Climate Coalition. This coalition will work together, share ideas and innovations to accelerate the establishment of a climate-neutral society, and commit efforts to develop a zero/beneficial-impact model for their operations by 2050. Governments are uniquely placed to enable and boost large-scale integrated solutions that can rapidly advance such targets.

We encourage you to join our mission and let your voice be heard! Find out here about marches in your neighbourhood or sign the petition

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