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Thermaflex shoulders shipbuilding in partnership with Seamate Inc.

November 11, 2015 in Press

Tokyo, Japan– Seamate and Thermaflex are pleased to officially announce their partnership for co-creating sustainable energy systems for the Asian maritime industry, among other industries, with smart insulation solutions. The aim is to secure full-proof, energy-efficient ship installations with Thermaflex’ innovative ThermaSmart Pro range for pipes, ducts and other energy-critical applications.

The shipping industry today is a huge lever for change in our strategic challenges regarding energy and environmental impact. The research for better efficiency measures concerns all areas of energy loss. Breakthrough solutions are needed in hull, propulsion and auxiliary domains whilst not forgetting the important areas of overall ship operation and energy management.

This highlights the important role of ship designers who choose and integrate different possible solutions for the best, and most sustainable overall performance. Stakeholders across the world rely on Thermaflex' tailor-made solutions because of their high benefit of ownership – the high efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation make them unique on the market today and perfectly qualify for such projects.

Tokyo has voiced this ambition for the 2020 olympics too. Together with Seamate, Thermaflex will meet with some key stakeholders including the Tokyo Municipal Government, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee, investment promoter JETRO, Frank la Riviere Architects, Mastermind Architects, and construction developer giant Mitsui Fudosan.

With the Olympics being addressed as an opportunity to show the world how cities can be Smart and Sustainable, we as Thermaflex are happy to offer our contribution. Doing so in Japan with a partner such as Seamate is a true honor and makes us very proud!

Alex Huis, Director of Business Development at Thermaflex International Holding

    Agreement signed between Thermaflex and Seamate during the Dutch Trade Mission with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Agreement signed between Thermaflex and Seamate during the Dutch Trade Mission with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte

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