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Thermaflex Presents: Harmonizing comfort, capital and climate with thermal energy networks @ the Brightest!Greenest! virtual expo

October 16, 2015 in Events

Deep, green and collective renovation is one of the most critical tools in tackling the energy, climate, and economic challenges we face today. In Europe, existing buildings account for 40% of our primary energy demand, producing nearly 50% of our CO2 emissions. So how can we effectively tap the enormous potential of our existing building stock?

Find out at our live presentation on the 22nd of October at 15.20 CET  at Deep Green Renovations with BUILD UPON in the Brightest!Greenest! virtual expo. This live event is dedicated to Europe's most successful smart and green building solutions, bringing together investors, designers, solution providers, and enthusiasts of working towards a green, and sustainable future.

As an active, and dedicated pioneer of green building solutions we, Thermaflex, will share our experience, innovations and insights towards tackling sustainable renovation challenges in respect to energy, economy, environment and quality of life.


As a key partner of the BUILD UPON community, we connect as an international collaborative to co-create the design and implementation of effective renovation strategies towards boosting the places we live, work, learn and play – fundamental to our quality and the strength of our communities.

Where is the event?

That’s the fun part: it’s anywhere you want it to be! It is a free, virtual and carbon-neutral 3D event, so all you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. We warmly invite you to also pay us a visit at our visual stand @ Pavillion A.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up here as advocate and/or passionate of deep, green building initiatives. Over 1,500 people already have!

See you there?

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