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Thermaflex invites: The Brightest! The Greenest!

September 16, 2015 in Events

- Want to connect with Europe’s leading green building professionals and thought leaders?               

- Want to discover or exhibit the most cutting edge innovations and solutions in this field?              

- Want to do all this for free from your office chair, couch or bed?

Then join us at the  Brightest! Greenest! Buildings virtual EXPO! We will exhibit our own innovative green building solutions (at Pavillion A) in this virtual and carbon-neutral event, dedicated to Europe's most successful smart and green building projects. This 3D event is supported by over 20 Green Building Councils, bringing together investors, designers, solution providers, and enthusiasts of working towards a green, and sustainable future.                  

We invite anyone with an interest, passion or role in the development of green building innovations to come and have a look around. All you need is a computer!                      

You get to

  • Connect with exhibitors and attendees
  • Collect, save and download content
  • Engage in live conversations
  • Watch expert live presentations and keynote speeches
  • Expand your industry network
  • Learn about market trends


Missed it? Don't worry.. there's more events to follow! Check them out on the  event calender. Sign up  here as advocate and/or passionate of green building initiatives. Over 1,500 people already have! 

We're giving out a free bottle of virtual champagne for the first 100 visitors! 


See you there?

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