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The Cop21 eco-network awards: a nice testimony

December 23, 2015 in Press

Paris, France - A relentless stream of record-shattering heat, monster hurricanes, raging wildfires, and spouting floods put the climate talks in Paris under quite some pressured weather. With an ambitious worldwide climate deal now signed, there seems to be a lot more hope in the air. Similar light arose from several Cop21 side events, including the French ‘Écorésaux de Chaleur’ awards for the most successful municipalities to implement district heating networks. One regional authority particularly stood out, with 11 of its networks awarded with the honorable label. 5 of which realized in co-creation with Thermaflex.

The event, hosted by the national association for waste and district energy management Amorce, was the 11th of its kind. The French ambition for renewables and energy efficiency proved very alive and reaffirmed France’s goal for a decarbonized energy transition. It aims to grow renewable and waste-heat powered heating and cooling networks by 5 times by 2030. To achieve this, 7 million additional households will have to be connected and the share of renewables pushed to 50%.

Although an institutional recognition of district networks exists, many are still unaware of its true value. Amorce founded the ‘Écorésaux’ label to better communicate the value of collectivizing energy demand, maximizing energy efficiency and thus savings, to public institutions, contractors, investors and end-users as well as to emphasize the role of municipalities. Notable progress is visible; 23 networks were awarded in 2013, this grew to 41 the next year, and 51 this year. We are confident the number of networks will grow further and proud to have been part of this development.

A network can receive the “Écoréseau de chaleur” label if it meets environmental objectives, but also economic and social ones, when

  • More than 50% of the distributed heat comes from renewable or waste heat energy
  • The energy price for the end-user is below the defined threshold (based on regionally variable oil and gas prices)
  • Dialogue takes place between service operator and end-users

The south-western Lot region particularly demonstrated great progress this past year. With its large agricultural output, it’s safe to say the economy of the region largely depends on its climate: the quality of the air, water and soil. The local service operator, SYDED, had planned various biomass or waste heat-fueled district networks, for which 11 labels were awarded, making it one of the cleanest municipal service providers in the country.

The awards are a great testimony for Thermaflex, as we secured solutions for 5 of the networks awarded in Cahors, Caillac, Catus, Thegra and Figeac from our branch in France. This value will serve far into the future, sustainably lowering the energy price for its residents as a result of the lasting efficiency of our maintenance-free systems.

Keep an eye out for next year’s awards!  

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