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Extending our green yardstick with broader, and better EPDs

February 12, 2016 in Press

In everything we do, we focus on the impact we can make on the world around us. Economy, quality of life and climate are our most important drivers, always in line with our core values; Open and Honest, Responsible and Innovative. That is why last week, we’ve been able to boost the transparency of the life-cycle impact of 4 new insulation ranges across the group with additional Environmental Product Declarations.


Based on a true story…


Taking care of energy and the environment forms the fundamental basis in the vision of Thermaflex. We take that responsibility seriously, in our chain, branch and markets. Products with a sustainable design increasingly prove to be of crucial importance for the world today. That is why we’ve adopted a foremost international standard to analyse and declare the environmental performance of our components: the  Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that tells a transparent and comparable life-cycle story about the environmental impact of products. The declaration is based on a scientific study to frame a complete picture of the environmental impacts of a product across its entire life cycle, also known as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). It covers everything from resource depletion to atmospheric pollution and effects on human health. Check out the video for a simple breakdown of what EPDs are all about!


Knowledge is power


In 2014, we obtained our first EPD for some insulation ranges in the Netherlands and Poland. Now, we’ve extended it across all insulation foams, including ThermaSmart PRO, ENEV, ThermaECO ZZ, and FRZ, in all our production sites around the world. At a time where designers, architects, engineers and building owners increasingly look for sustainable construction alternatives, we can help them better understand the sustainable properties and environmental impact of our components as a basis for well-informed choices. This affirmation is perfectly suited to secure  LEED and BREEAM credits for green buildings, while the list of stakeholders to ask for EPDs is ever-growing.

Thermaflex also understood the importance to investigate production processes and the environmental impact created by its various production sites. We can now draw a full picture about the externalities of our processes in all regions and identify possible actions to maximize the effects of our Thermaflex.

Want to check out our official declarations or get a closer look at what it is? Check it out in our  knowledge center

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