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Single Family Houses

Strike home with efficient convenience
Single Family Houses
Single Family Houses
Single Family Houses
Single Family Houses
Single Family Houses
Single Family Houses

Home sweet home! There is nowhere as safe, calm and cozy as at home. Home is both your protection and freedom, your personal safe haven as well as your happy playground at the same time. Building a house yourself means you get to truly make it your own, adjusted to all your needs and desires. But at the heart of every home lies a pleasant atmosphere.That’s what really makes a house a home.

Joining forces

In order to ensure that comfortable ambience in your home, sufficient heating, hot water and ventilation is vital. But this also typically takes up the largest share of the energy bill. Luckily you get to choose how secure, efficient and sustainable your energy use will be, and we want to help you with that. In close co-operation with our partners, we develop tailor-made solutions for your homely ambitions ,minimizing energy losses to protect both your bill as well as the environment.

Be the change!

You get to take the lead in equipping yourself for unreliable energy prices and widening international regulations for resource-friendly systems. As a house owner, you have a great opportunity to take an active part in protecting our environment while saving money with solutions that efficiently outshine the test of time. And its all very little hassle, the ease and speed of installation allows you to snuggle down in your home in no time .

Let’s bring our ambitions together and give your home some heart and soul!


  Earth Quake resistance certificate PDF 735 KB Preview Download Mail

Technical report of dynamic tests performed on Flexalen pre-insulated pipe systems, simulating seismic with 7-9 intensity on the MSK-64 scale.
Flexalen is recommended for applications in the regions with seismic activity of 7-9 magnitude.

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