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Ready for the asparagus season

Kloster Lehnin, Germany
Relieving over 2,000 seasonal workers
Ready for the asparagus season
Ready for the asparagus season

Where many other municipalities and cities have problems finding new life for former barrack sites, Kloster Lehnin in the German federal state of Brandenburg, sees a remarkable conversion project in April 2012. The Beelitz asparagus farm converted the former National People's Army barracks into comfortable accommodations for approximately 2,000 seasonal workers for the asparagus harvest. With the help of Thermaflex, the on-site heating plant now provides efficient, and reliable heat for over 30 houses.

To ensure that energy losses were kept to a minimum for the heat distribution to the various houses, long-term efficiency, and reliable performance was extremely important. So the Beelitz asparagus farm opted for a partner with many years of experience in developing solutions in answering to those needs – both in manufacture and planning. The decision for the pre-insulated, flexible Flexalen pipe system was made due to its sustainable corrosion, pressure, and temperature resistance - ideally suited the local needs and conditions for years to come.


The forested municipality of Kloster Lehnin lies at the heart of the Mark Brandenburg region. Its principal landmark, which also gives it its name, is the monastery (“Kloster”), which was founded in 1180 and is the oldest Cistercian monastery in Mark Brandenburg. Every year between April and June, the local population of 11,200 sees a 20% increase of seasonal workers. This is because this is Germany's third-largest asparagus region. These energetic helpers harvest this tasty and healthy vegetable on the Beelitz asparagus farm's cultivation beds. To offer a comfortable stay for these workers, ‘temporary homes’ were made through renovation of old army barracks. The project takes place since 2010, over a total of four construction phases. All the rooms, kitchens and garages have been ready for occupancy since April 2012.


The main goal was to create comfortable temporary homes for seasonal workers, with an affordable, energy efficient, and headache-free heat supply.


The opportunity of easy, homogeneous welding and prefabricated parts, such as T-pieces, gave Thermaflex a clear edge over other suppliers. In a short time, almost one and a half kilometres of pre-insulated Flexalen pipes were laid in the form of single and double pipes with comparatively few connections. The comprehensive range of dimensions, pre-insulated moulded parts and sophisticated accessories made a rapid assembly possible. In this way, we were able to make a significant contribution to a sustainable, and energy efficient asparagus farm.

  • 1500 meters
  • of pre-insulated pipes laid
  • 30 houses
  • supplied with efficient heat
  • 2000 
  • seasonal workers kept warm
Michael Biewald
Technical advisor
Sub.: Thermaflex Germany
Kloster Lehnin , Kloster Lehnin, Germany
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