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"Otkrytie Arena" - Stadium FC Spartak Moscow

Москва, Russia
A great save
"Otkrytie Arena" - Stadium FC Spartak Moscow
"Otkrytie Arena" - Stadium FC Spartak Moscow
"Otkrytie Arena" - Stadium FC Spartak Moscow
"Otkrytie Arena" - Stadium FC Spartak Moscow
"Otkrytie Arena" - Stadium FC Spartak Moscow

The football club "Spartak-Moscow" is one of Russia’s most famous football clubs. This renowned club boasts 9 championship victories, but up until recently the club did not have their own stadium. Instead, the team had been playing at other stadiums such as "Dynamo", "Olympic" or "Luzhniki". So it was high time to build their own.

“Otkrytie Arena” now built on the former Tushino airport in the Northwest area of Moscow. The arena is an impressive sports complex, complete with a football field and bleachers. The stadium has a capacity of up to 46.000 people. It initially holds 35,000, but it is expandable up to 46,000 for use during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  


For this incredibly modern and important facility, the choice and installation of insulation was extremely important. The efficiency of the stadium was the priority. It needed to be cost-effective so that the club could profit from the spectators only having to pay a moderate entrance fee. Also, due to the crowded nature of this location, safety concerns were vital. In order to have an effective, sustainable, and safe solution they called upon Thermaflex to answer to those needs.


To maximize the efficiency of the system, details were highly important. This meant that all heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, as well as the entire drinking and hot water distribution system, needed full-proof insulation in order to effectively support the shops, restaurants and other facilities of the stadium. This had to be done whilst also taking account environmental and safety aspects. 


With our support, the entire complex could be secured of an efficient and sustainable distribution network. This was the most cost-effective solution to meet the specific goals and unique challenges of this facility. ThermaEco FRZ, ThermaSheet FR and ThermaSmart PRO insulation was used to meet every requirement in the best possible way. Importantly, we were there to constantly advise the designers in the selection and installation, from kick-off to full time!


The construction of the stadium “Otkrytie Arena” was a great achievement for the fans of the club, and for the country as a whole. Even the President of Russia attended the opening ceremony on 27th august 2014.


Lukoil (contractor company)
AECOM (project design company)

  • 46000 fans
  • enjoying the game
  • 10000
  • of sheet insulation used
  • 40000 MWth
  • energy saved yearly
August 2014
Andrey Kiselev
Sales Specialist Insulation
Sub.: Thermaflex Russia
Волоколамское Шоссе 69 , Москва, Russia
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