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Marine Training on Scarlet Lady

ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Installation on board Scarlet Lady

In May 2023, 14 crew members of the Scarlet Lady cruise ship of Virgin Voyages received Thermaflex Marine specialized training from Ton van Soest and German J. Torres, during insulation replacement project at sea.

Condensation had been a persistent challenge on all cruise ships, leading to operational disruptions and potential damage. The primary objective of this project was to prevent condensation over an extended period, safeguarding the Scarlet Lady’s operations for years to come. By replacing the existing insulation with the advanced ThermaSmart Marine Black 2.0, the crew aimed to reduce energy lost and mitigate the risks associated with condensation on the Freeze, Chill and Chilled water systems in different areas of the cruise ship, which will significantly reduce maintenance costs, as well as creating energy-efficient and environmentally conscious cruising experience for passengers while maintaining the vessel’s operational excellence.

The project benefited from the collaboration with W&O, a leading maritime solutions provider, and the involvement of Tecnical Manager Jeffery Flynn. Their extensive experience in the maritime industry contributed valuable insights and support to ensure the successful implementation of the ThermaSmart Marine Black 2.0 on Scarlet Lady.

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