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New housing estate Young Grunwald

Poznań, Lenkija
Keeping up the luxuries
New housing estate Young Grunwald
New housing estate Young Grunwald
New housing estate Young Grunwald
New housing estate Young Grunwald

The Young Grunwald housing estate is located in central Poland, just 10 minutes from the Poznań City Centre. The plentiful shops, pharmacies, a medical clinic, a lovely green playground and the "King Cross Marcelin" shopping mall make for a well-facilitated community . The project was to build a new luxury housing estate with 268 apartment with a cross-section distribution - from studios to four-room apartments with mezzanines.

Young Grunwald was looking for a solution to uphold a high level of comfort at an affordable energy bill by maximizing the energy use within the complex, also in the future. The combination of ThermaEco FRZ, ThermaCompact IS and ThermaLint proved an ideal choice.


The main goal was to find a reliable and long-lasting insulation solution to secure the comfort of the Grunwald residents, using modern and environmentally friendly insulation materials. The installation as well as the operation of the system had to be complete and smooth. Another objective was to determine the optimal thickness for covering of the heating cable. The installation could not freeze up in winter, and so in the absence of an electricity supply, it needed to effectively protect the pipeline. In the summer it would also need to prevent condensation and any damage to the pipelines.


ThermaEco FRZ is now used for the plumbing within the central heating system, the hot water, and along the estate’s thermal water distribution. ThermaCompact IS was used in the under floor installation in the residential areas that use hot and cold water. ThermaLint was installed in the cold-water piping, and also in the garage section’s fire protection. The insulation guarantees an optimal reduction of heat loss and a trouble-free operation for many years to come. Furthermore, it provides protection against condensation on the cold-water installations.

  • 268 new apartments
  • Luxurious standard
Informacija ryšiams
Przemysław Drozdek
Investment Manager
Fil.: Thermaflex Poland
Poznań, Lenkija
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Thermaflex, Baltijos šalių regionas
+370 610 22790
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