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Medical Center Imbanaco

Cali, Kolumbija
Securing high-end care with advanced energy solutions
Medical Center Imbanaco
Medical Center Imbanaco
Medical Center Imbanaco
Medical Center Imbanaco
Medical Center Imbanaco
Medical Center Imbanaco

As the 3rd largest city in Colombia, Cali is a major economic and industrial powerhouse in Colombia, besides being the main urban center of the southwest. In its center situates also one of the most advanced medical centers in the region. But top-rate care requires top-rate facilities, which can be quite a challenge to sustain in such a tropical climate when it comes to cooling and chilled water. A cooperation with Thermaflex for its construction developed.

Ranked among the top clinics in Latin-America contintent, and winning "The National Hospital" award in 2012, Imbanaco clinic continuously strives to advance top-rate care for its patients as well as facilitating medical research. In its aim to become a reference for advanced medical and technological development, Imbanaco sought to extend this to all materials and systems installed to guarantee safety for patients and the equipment securing their care.

Importantly, that relates to the hospital’s energy infrastructure - particularly the indoor cooling and chilled water systems. After careful design and planning together with Thermaflex in 2011, the project could be finalized by 2013 within 1 year for the connection and insulation of the water chillers and indoor chilled water distribution.


The design, development and installation of the cooling and chilled water system was realized flawlessly. Our flexible pre-insulated Flexalen piping system proved ideal in securing the chilled water supply for the hospital at minimal hassle, and maximum performance. The condensation challenge for cooling system could be perfectly met with ThermaSmart PRO, as its integrated water-tight barrier completely eliminates any risk of condensation, ensuring the safety and lifetime of the system. After the finalization of the project, Imbanaco ranked among the top 14 clinics on the Latin-American continent in 2013.


Centro Medico Imbanaco

  • 2820 kW of refrigeration
  • to cool
  • 60 Beds
  • 1 year
  • total project length
  • Top 14
  • Clinics in Latin-America
1 year
Informacija ryšiams
Juan Camilo Amaya Castro
Sales and Marketing Manager LATAM
Fil.: Thermaflex Latam
Cra. 38 Bis, Cali, , 5B2-04 Cali, Kolumbija
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Thermaflex, Baltijos šalių regionas
+370 610 22790
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