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Housing association in Gorsk

Górsk, Lenkija
Expanding a beautiful living area
Housing association in Gorsk
Housing association in Gorsk
Housing association in Gorsk

The housing association is located in the small village Gorsk near the river Wisla. The housing complex existed out of 7 buildings. Due to the beautiful environment - a place surrounded by trees and shrubs - the area is popular to live in. Therefore, an expansion of the housing to 8 buildings was decided.

The new attached building is constituted of 25 apartments. The new estate was connected to district heating via a secondary network of Flexalen 600. Additionally a new network for domestic water and heating was created. This new network was buried under the internal road. The nearby church also connected to the network.


The focus of this project was to design a safe and trouble-free network, providing an outstanding reliability in use. Due to the location of the network into an internal road, the quick, safe and easy installation was highly important during the setup to limit disturbances of the traffic. Additionally, the quality of the systems, connecting easily and benefiting great flexibility, ideally ensured the easy and safe installation. A process greatly strengthened by the training provided by Thermaflex to the operators and the direct delivery on site. Finally, low heat loss properties will ensure the community of Gorsk long time savings on energy, helping them to maintain high the quality of life and natural surroundings.


To fulfill the goals and create a new sanitary as well as heating network, 300 meters of Flexalen 600 were successfully implemented. Due to the project a minimizion of heat loss was reached. So the housing association directly benefits from cost savings. Because of the fast and quick installation and the high flexibility of the material the impact of this beautiful environment could be minimized.


INSTALNOVA Toruń (wholesale company)

  • 25 new apartments
  • in a beautiful environment
  • 300 meters
  • of Flexalen 600
1 year
Informacija ryšiams
Izabela Podjacka
Regional Sales Manager
Fil.: Thermaflex Poland
Górsk, Lenkija
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Thermaflex, Baltijos šalių regionas
+370 610 22790
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