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Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway

Sandnes, Norvegija
Building resilience with local, turnkey energy solutions
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway
Biomass heating in Bogafjell, Norway

Bogafjell is a borough of the city of Sandnes at the foot of the Bogafjell mountain, in Rogaland county, Norway. In Norway’s national ambition to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy, it has implemented an ambitious fossil fuel divestment plan. Its abundance of sustainable sources of energy make this perfectly possible. This is especially true for Bogafjell, where the vast forests in the region supply sustainable heat for the newly established community.

Nærenergi, the regional energy provider and devoted partner of Thermaflex after a successful pilot project in Lyngdal, is a strong player in the Scandinavian energy market. It has been effectively spearheading this energy transition through the development of sustainable energy solutions for residential, and industrial markets. Also the Bogafjell project perfectly demonstrated how local resources can be used to establish resilient, independent communities, while securing affordable energy at a stable supply.


The project would construct a new community in the Rogaland mountains for young families. The aim was to supply at least 40% of the area (68 houses) with biomass heating and domestic hot water, collectivized through a district network. A 300 kWh woodchip-based biomass installation could be easily supplied by the widespread forests around the area. A second 300 kWh gas alternate would act as a back-up for peak loads in winter, as required by Norwegian legislation.


The total trace length of the network was 2,241 meters, with an average service temperature between 60° and 80° Celcius. To ensure optimal installation speed and operational performance, mimizing the risk of leakages, all connections were made with Flexalink pre-fabricated housing connections.


With the individual electricity price in Norway at an all-time low, the value of localized (biomass-fueled) thermal energy and district solutions would be a challenging one to demonstrate.


On a strategic level, the project had to show how localized, turn-key solutions based on thermal energy can outperform individual, electricity–based systems when it comes securing a reliable, and future-proof level of thermal comfort at minimal cost. That would also require an efficient, and sustainable distribution network.


In regards to implementation, a flexible network solution with a minimal number of connections was key to tackle the leveling difficulties posed by the mountainous landscape of Bogafjell. In this way, time, labor and material installation cost of the district heating network could be minimized.

As parts of the system would also run under the road, access to it would be very limited in the future. A maintenance-free system was also crucial.


The project proved to be a great success, both in terms of installation cost, and performance. Our flexible, pre-insulated Flexalen piping system, combined with Flexalink ready-made house and connections proved ideal in tackling the time, leveling and labor challenges during implementation. On the first day, an entire street of houses was already connected by just 2 of our fully trained certified system partners.

There is a big advantage in using Thermaflex Nordic and their service, the most innovative secure and flexible solution in the market. 

Harry Leo Nottveit, Technical Director & Quality Assurance at Nærenergi

Pre-calculated dimensioning and network optimization by Thermaflex was done in close cooperation with Naerenergi and the contractor, to ensure high and sustainable efficiency. Since its realization in 2014, 0 network disruptions have occurred. The Bogafjell case now serves as an ideal example as to how a local, community-based energy supply can create value for all stakeholders involved through turnkey solutions. Both current, and future residents get to enjoy a stable level of clean comfort, while maintaining a low energy bill.


Nærenergi (Energy supply, maintenance, installation)

Østerhus Tomter (real estate developer)

Risa A/S (contractor)

  • 1 day
  • To connect entire street of houses, by just
  • 2 installers
  • 40-50% savings
  • on total installed cost compared to traditional systems
  • 68 homes
  • enjoy affordable energy supply for years to come
1 year (realized end 2013)
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