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Importance of air-tightness of ventilation ducts

Air tightness

A balanced ventilation system that works optimally has no or minimal air loss in the ventilation ducts. Because there are no losses of ventilation air on the way, the unit can run at a lower speed, making the installation more energy efficient and more quiet. A maximum airtight duct is particularly important for HRV units, because loss of heat or cold affects the heating and cooling of the house.

TQ Air Controlled Domestic Ventilation

Energy consumption

Air leaks in a ventilation system lead to a loss of air. The ventilation unit needs to work harder to achieve the desired flow rate in all rooms and energy consumption will rise.
In the worst case, the system will not achieve the desired flow rates at all. The airtightness of the supply air ducts is particularly important for HRV systems, because part of the recovered heat is lost through air leaks.
European regulations distinguish four classes of airtightness: Class A, B, C and D. Class A is the least airtight, and Class D the most airtight. TQ Air has been tested for class D by our customers. Please contact us for more information.

Air leaks

Common places for air leakage in air ventilation ducts are the connections to the unit and connections between components of the air ventilation ducts. Due to the difference in temperature inside and outside the ducts, movements occur, especially at the connections, which can cause air to escape.

The connections of TQ-Air are made of rubber and designed for maximum flexibility, without air escaping.

TQ-Air ventilation components

With TQ-Air HRV you install a pre-insulated ventilation pipe system. It combines thermal and acoustic insulation in one prefabricated solution. The product consists of polyolefin insulation foam with a vapour tight cell structure in a mechanically strong and impact resistant PE outer casing.

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