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Prefabricated Connections

Ready-made branches for network variations
prefabricated connections
prefabricated connections
prefabricated connections
prefabricated connections

Network connections are the fundamental hinges of an efficient and reliable thermal energy supply. Our prefabricated connections ensure quick, easy, yet solid solutions for maintenance-free comfort over the network lifetime.

One step ahead of any trench challenges

Making connections in a trench can be complex, risky and time consuming. Our elbows, tees and custom pre-insulated branches allow you to be one step ahead, and deal with such network variations in advance. This means only straight welds – the easiest type of connection – need to be made on site.

Bends, elbows, tees or tailor made

Any variation in your network can be dealt with through:

  • Bends – For most directional changes there is no need for fittings thanks to the pipe flexibility
  • Elbows – Pre-made corners (45° or 90° degrees)
  • T pieces – or branches, allow quick and reliable branching off to other lines. For underground networks, we highly recommend Flexalinks for main lines up to OD 110.
  • Custom components – Not one network is the same. Often custom components are needed to deal with specific connections. Whatever the need, our certified welding craftsman can accommodate: headers, ‘Y-pieces’, … you name it, we can prefab it.
  • Insulation sets with all components you need to ensure an optimal performance over lifetime


We provide the components above in any size from OD 16 – OD 225 mm to suit any specific wishes, circumstances and challenges. All sizes up to OD 90 mm are also available with an oxygen barrier.


  Pressure drop PB-pipes PDF 44 KB Preview Download Mail

Pressure drop PB-pipes

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  Flexalen Product Guide PDF 4623 KB Preview Download Mail

The Flexalen Product Guide offers all system, application & technical specifications for all Flexalen product ranges.

  Successful in the past - prepared for the future (PBPSA) PDF 1619 KB Preview Download Mail

This brochure is giving an introduction to Polybutene including a review of the performance of Polybutene pressure piping systems in meeting the needs of sustainable building regulations.


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