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Heat Recovery Ventilation

​A breath of fresh air

Most people spend over 80% of their time indoors. So clean air is key to keeping a healthy indoor environment. Modern ventilation systems can satisfy that freshness while recapturing the heat used to do so. But how to make an efficient use of that heat in a simple, yet sustainable way?

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An efficient heat recovery ventilation system can make your home a healthy place to live, while making an efficient use of your waste heat. Especially in light of the widespread trend towards airtight passive housing, efficient ventilation is key. It can simultaneously raise the comfort level of your house while saving money on energy bills. We’ve developed our Flexalen HRV range to satisfy that desire efficiently and sustainably, with minimal hassle.

“Thermaflex and Zehnder Group Belgium combine their assortments to a complete heat recovery ventilation system, high quality is a guarantee for their stakeholders. We developed in the last 3 years, in a co-partnership, a fast growing market share in Belgium.”

Erwin Crommelinck, commercial director at Zehnder Group Belgium, leader in Belgium’s ventilation market


Thermaflex Flexalen HRV assortment makes it possible, in a very short time, to realize a high quality and low noise insulated ducting system … very easy to install, due to its rigidness and solid behavior, are damages now being deleted from our first completion list.

Ronald Hennekeij from HOMIJ Sustainable Energy Concepts

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