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Good idea for bad winters

Melt the ice inside and out. Low temperatures and snowy days are ideal conditions for plumbing failure. Remember, pipes inside of basements, attics and garages are just as prone to damage as those outside.
The easiest way to protect your pipes against possible failure is to install a heating cable system.

  • Installation

    Very easy to install

  • Certificates

    Holds KEMA certification and meets international safety standards

  • Power

    Energy usage: 16 W / m

    Power: 30 v AC

    Power cable: 3 x 0.75 mm2, length 2 meters

    Built-in thermostat

  • Protection

    Fully automatic temperature control


  • Additional information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the technical datasheet!

  • Availabilities

    Standard lengths: 18, 36, 48, 61, 73 and 146 meters


Radius 10 Km
200 Km
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