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Safer pipes for safer buildings

Frozen pipes mean damaged pipes. Low temperatures crystallize water in pipes and change it from a liquid to a solid, better known as ice. In turn, ice crystals increase the volume in pipes. This leads to damaged seals and pipes that must be replaced. Water that freezes in pipes is often caused by a lack of insulation or inadequate protection against weather conditions.

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For protection. For comfort.

The Electro product line is an automated heating system for building pipes. It gives you instant access to running water, prevents it from freezing in pipes and protects against water system failures. It is designed for self-assembly and can be mounted anywhere necessary. Electro works with Thermaflex insulation to bring you a complete protection system for your pipes.

For savings. For sustainability.

Electro products provide more than safety and security. They also reduce repair costs and are a sustainable solution that benefits the environment.

• Protects against frozen pipes
• Provides a constant water temperature
• Installs easily
• Versatile applications

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