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Visit EcoBuild!

February 06, 2017 in Events

We would like to invite you to Ecobuild, the leading event for forward-thinking professionals in the built environment.

Renowned for its unrivalled education programme, interactive features and the latest suppliers, technologies and materials, Ecobuild is the perfect platform for those who want to know what’s next in their industry whilst staying one step ahead of the competition.

Unlike other events Ecobuild’s core theme for 2017 is regeneration and how to build better communities. We will also redefine what sustainability means for the future of construction. The event will be transformed into an immersive city with a main street, distinct destinations and special features!

Whether your upcoming projects focus on housing, infrastructure, offsite construction or district energy we have the suppliers, features and seminars that will show you the best examples of innovation and creativity from across the sustainable built environment.

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