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Rural Communities

Think local, heat local
Rural Communities
Rural Communities
Rural Communities
Rural Communities
Rural Communities

Let's unite! A community is much more than just a locality. A community creates a sense of attachment, belonging and affinity. To build a community means to share common ventures and goals that can benefit everyone. The opportunity of connecting to a locally cultivated, reliable and efficient heating network can really glue a community together by providing low-cost, independent and stable communal warmth for everyone.

Win ‘em all

Using local resources such as biogas or biomass is a great way to generate clean energy for homes in natural outlands. To ensure that energy is supplied reliably and efficiently, we offer innovative distribution networks to ensure an easy, yet optimal and sustainable solution for the warmth of all connected residents. We do this in close cooperation with municipalities, utility suppliers, designers and consultants to ensure our systems are tailored to all local needs and conditions. Not only do we strive to improve human communities, but also our natural ones. In addition to the lifetime efficiency of our systems, they are also fully recyclable, securing returns for the future of both people and planet. 



  Earth Quake resistance certificate PDF 735 KB Preview Download Mail

Technical report of dynamic tests performed on Flexalen pre-insulated pipe systems, simulating seismic with 7-9 intensity on the MSK-64 scale.
Flexalen is recommended for applications in the regions with seismic activity of 7-9 magnitude.

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