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Renewable energy in agriculture: a natural fit

Harvesting potential. Rural communities have an enormous untapped potential to generate and sell sustainably produced energy. The abundance of space and natural resources, and the diversification of energy production can satisfy local energy needs and cultivate new, long-term income streams. But how to root out its full potential?

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The connection between local production and consumption of heating, cooling and electricity brings formidable benefits to agricultural communities. It boosts resilience and yields, and stimulates employment while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In this way, communities can bolster equitable and sustainable development for themselves. 


In Europe, bioenergy accounts for over 2/3rd of the total renewable energy supply as its Common Agricultural Policy helps agriculture and forestry to provide biomass for local energy supply and encourages the use of bioenergy in rural areas. This includes binding targets for member states to reach a 20% share of renewable energy by 2020. These initiatives ease the transition for agricultural communities towards clean, cheap, and sustainable energy. 

Sustainable energy through sustainable networks

Connecting users with renewable energy sources is one thing. But doing that efficiently, and sustainably is another. Sustainable energy sources such as biomass or biogas can be harvested forever, so the challenge lies in implementing an efficient solution that is also future-proof. At Thermaflex, we want to make sure communities can reap all the fruits of their green energy transition. Our simple, yet efficient and highly durable recipe secures a winning combination of cash, crop and climate!

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