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We, Thermaflex

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Thermaflex is diverse in every sense of the word, commercially, geographically and in terms of the people who work with us. As an employer we aim to be a source of energy for passionate employees empowering them to achieve and surpass their potential. Your strengths, dreams and ambitions are our greatest assets.

We offer every employee the opportunity to grow, develop and play on their own strengths. Within highly professional teams and in an international innovative environment.

The Thermaflex culture is built on heritage, sustained through innovative thinking and driven by a strong family team spirit. Ask any of our employees and you will hear that the culture at Thermaflex is international, innovative and dynamic. Our focus is always on long term and sustainable performance while our decisions are guided by shared ethical values:

  • Transparent
  • Innovative
  • Responsible

Thermaflex is always looking for innovative thinkers. Tackling today’s complex challenges demands a solution-oriented approach.

We embrace employees that

  • Welcome change and make change work for them
  • Have developed skills that detect opportunities
  • Are entrepreneurs in their own field of expertise

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