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Flexalen PHC

Flexalen Pre-fabricated House Connections

Flexalen PHC (Pre-fabricated House Connnections) ensures heating networks with minimum investments, maximum insulation values ánd flexibility. Our flexalen PHC product group reduces your purchase cost and installation time.

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Flexalen PHC - DoubleMain-DoubleHouse - Red - Detail 1
Flexalen PHC - DoubleMain-DoubleHouse - Red - Detail2

Flexalen PHC

Flexalen PHC is our pre-fabricated house connection for extremely fast and secure installation of pre-fabricated piping for heating networks. The PB-1 medium pipe is PUR-insulated, and can be connected with Flexalen 600 or Flexalen PU. Flexalen PHC contains the general distribution line and the connection (flow and return) to a house.

Purchase cost savings


Installation time reduction per house connection - 33 %


Produced & tested in the Netherlands - 100%


Flexalen PHC is 100% produced and tested in our own manufacturing facility in the Netherlands.

Flexalen PHC cut out

Technical characteristics

Flexalen PHC consists of:

  • 1 or 2 PB-1 medium pipes
    homogenously weldable, flexible plastic pipes
  • PUR insulated core
    optimal energy efficiency, CFC-free
  • PE outer casing
    protects against mechanical damage

With house connections, up to 6 mtr

We produce Flexalen PHC in lengths up to 6 meter, including multiple house connections per stick. This only needs a straight trench in your street, with a minimum of digging volume. Disturbance for the residents is minimal, due to the ready house connections. Building a heating network was never so fast and efficient!

Connection techniques

Flexalen PHC can both be connected to

Flexalen compression fittings
Compression fitting
Flexalen Electrofusion socket fittings
Electrofusion fitting
Clamping tool
Butt fusion welding

Certifications and Standards

reach logo
KOMO 5609 2 system
BRL 5609-2


Flexalen PHC - DoubleMain-DoubleHouse - Red

Double Main, Double House connection

Flexalen PHC - DoubleMain-SingleHouse - Red

Double Main, Single House connection

Flexalen PHC - SingleMain-SingleHouse - Straight - Red

Single Main, Single House connection - Straight

Flexalen PHC - SingleMain-SingleHouse - Raised - Red

Single Main, Single House connection - Raised

Jasper van de Ven Sales manager Piping Solutions
Jasper van de Ven

Int. Sales Manager pre-insulated pipings

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