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Indoor Chilled Water

Sustainable networks to keep it cool
Indoor Chilled Water
Indoor Chilled Water
Indoor Chilled Water
Indoor Chilled Water
Indoor Chilled Water
Indoor Chilled Water
Indoor Chilled Water
Indoor Chilled Water

Chilled Water Lines are lifelines in today’s most tropical and humid climates. Yet those lifelines can come at a high cost, both in terms of energy and sustenance of the network. So how can the convenience of sweltering occupants be ensured in an easy, affordable and durable way?

Energy well spent

Cooling is one of the most energy-intensive consumers in indoor building applications. So you want to make sure that energy is well spent. That starts with the insulation performance of your system. Flexalen PB-1 pipes and Thermasmart Pro form a winning team when it comes to maximizing your use of energy in a simple solution. Their flexibility eases implementation and significantly reduces pressure losses compared to rigid pipes, where 90 degree angles are the only way.

Lasting efficiency

It is important that your indoor cooling system can also last at least as long as your building. Condensation is by far the single most destructive force for insulated cooling systems. The constant vapor drive under humid air conditions causes traditional systems to fail. This is not the case for our cooling solutions. The resistance and durability properties of our materials exclude any possibility for water saturation or pipe corrosion.

We optimize performance in every step of your indoor cooling systems: installation, performance, life time and energy efficiency. With many reference projects among the world we have proven our concept. Refer to our references to find out for yourself!

Brochures Catalogues

  Flexalen Product Guide PDF 4623 KB Preview Download Mail

The Flexalen Product Guide offers all system, application & technical specifications for all Flexalen product ranges.

  Successful in the past - prepared for the future (PBPSA) PDF 1619 KB Preview Download Mail

This brochure is giving an introduction to Polybutene including a review of the performance of Polybutene pressure piping systems in meeting the needs of sustainable building regulations.

  ThermaSmart PRO PDF 1545 KB Preview Download Mail

The Smart choice!

Technical Datasheets

  Insulation - ThermaSmartPRO tube PDF 241 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - ThermaTape ThermaSmartPRO PDF 103 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - ThermaCompact TF PDF 165 KB Preview Download Mail
  Pre-insulated pipe - Flexalen 600 Water PDF 240 KB Preview Download Mail
  Insulation - ThermaSmartPRO Prefabs PDF 228 KB Preview Download Mail

Environmental Certifications

  What is an EPD? PDF 421 KB Preview Download Mail

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