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Heat Recovery Ventilation

​Don’t let the heat escape!
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Heat Recovery Ventilation
Heat Recovery Ventilation

Don’t let the heat escape! It will only keep your residents cold and keep sending your energy bills up the roof! So what’s the answer? HRV but not just any HRV… “Flexalen HRV!” This system will recover your energy and provide a durable, safe and hassle-free ducting system for the very best efficiency and acoustics. 

Breathe easy

Buildings and homes generate moisture and pollutants, this is a recipe for creating breeding grounds of bacteria, mold and dust mites. Think black spores in windows and airborne dust mites which easily circulate around the indoor space, this can cause a variety of health damaging symptoms. The excretion of harmful gases like carbon monoxide is also a concern.

To combat this our Flexalen HRV system combines a state-of-the art, vapor diffusion tight insulation foam attached to a solid, shockproof PE outer casing preventing condensation and reducing noise, therefore, offering a complete ducting system that satisfies on all fronts.

Hold the Climate comfort

Flexalen HRV ducting combining a vapor tight and water-repellent insulation foam with a solid, shockproof PE outer casing, resulting in an assortment with great thermal insulation value, preventing condensation and noise reduction up to 20 dB(A).

Flexalen HRV, combined with HRV units, can recover up to a whopping 95% of the heat in the outgoing air stream, contributing this to the fresh incoming air stream. This reduces the use of other additional heating units, and decreases the energy costs of the total climate comfort.

With the growing awareness and demand for new, efficient low energy distribution, the Flexalen HRV ducting perfectly aligns with creating a healthy climate in residential buildings.

Award potential

That quality was recognized by the organization committee of the VSK exhibition in 2012 in The Netherlands. Thermaflex Flexalen HRV was nominated for the VSK award in the category “Air”.

“an innovative and sustainable system, with a high quality performance, fast and easy installing, with a high no failure quote. The small range of products is the solution for decreasing stock space and value. Market opportunities are well recognized by all disciplines in the market chain.”

Flexalen HRV  is also quick and easy to install in heat recovery ventilation systems.

“It is part of our offering of a complete heat recovery ventilation system, whose high quality is a guarantee for our stakeholders.”

Erwin Crommelinck of Zehnder Belgium

Installation in a flash

Offered in colors gray and black the Flexalen ducting HRV system is characterized by its simple, secure and quick assembly based on a newly developed linkage system. Through the application of these connections, an excellent airtightness is ensured. The patented linkage system guarantees a solid, safe and trouble free installation, with a minimum use of brackets. There are reducing connections, fitting all HRV units with heat recovery and Heat Pumps air-water. For installers we also offer a variety of flexible trainings.

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  Flexalen Product Guide PDF 4623 KB Preview Download Mail

The Flexalen Product Guide offers all system, application & technical specifications for all Flexalen product ranges.

Technical Datasheets

  Flexalen HRV PDF 419 KB Preview Download Mail

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