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Better air, better economy, all-in-one.

The one of a kind ThermaSmart PRO sheet system will ensure you have an optimal performing ducting system. Adding efficiency, top protection and the best performance over a life time to your Heating, Ventilation, Cooling and Refrigeration projects. Installer’s and owners alike will be reassured knowing the best choice for system robustness, comfort, safety, health, their pocket and the planet was made. ThermaSmart PRO ducts insulation will tick all the boxes.

Breath clean

Air quality, energy efficiency and temperature depends on the quality of the ventilation system of a building, whether from a heat recovery system or an air-conditioning system. Proper insulation of ducts is crucial to proper system operation. Without it, inhabitants of the building will not get the comfortable cooling/heating they require, which in turn might have to be compensated for by extra fan power, increased air velocities and unwanted noise levels. ThermaSmart PRO sheet for ducting is your safeguard for optimal your occupant’s health and comfort.

Duct for cover

ThermaSmart PRO sheet system meets today’s most stringent demands when it comes to the efficient insulation of large surface areas. The excellent insulation value minimizes energy losses in duct applications. For cooling and refrigeration, the unparalleled water vapor diffusion barrier eliminates the risk of condensation and subsequent moisture, fungi, corrosion or material deterioration disasters. The water vapor transmission performance moreover ensures the excellent insulation properties for decades to come.

Risk control

The first-rate mechanical and puncture tear resistance make ThermaSmart PRO sheet also the ideal protection of your valuable installation of pipes, fittings, valves, compressors, heat exchangers, etc. ThermaSmart PRO will also supply the highest grade of protection human health, with the highest level of fire safety standards and minimal smoke production make sure building occupants can securely evacuate the building in case of fire, unhindered in finding their way and reduced inhalation toxicity.

Support on all the line

We provide extensive support for our installers and designers. We help them choose the right material, insulation thickness and best price/performance ratio for their applications.

Contact our specialists to find the optimal solution to your needs!   

Ducting that save’s in more ways than one

ThermaSmartPRO sheet is made of direct extruded, high-grade thermoplastic foam and is 100% recyclable. Third party approved Environmental Product Declaration perfectly illustrate the environmental impact of our materials throughout their lifecycle. With the highest level of environmental approval Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Bronze (link), absolute material quality, health and lifetime performance is confirmed. And to seal the deal these endorsements will contribute to your green building project, including LEED and BREEAM.

Do the math

We are ready to support you to optimize your next design with energy saving calculations, component selection support, and installation optimization. You’re also free to download these tools yourself (link to calculator). Find out how we can help make your next system perform it’s best!

“The solutions of Thermaflex allow us to control condensation, since our climate is so hot and humid.”

Inocencio Munoz of the Westin Plaza hotel in Panama

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