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Carrier Pipes

PB-1 for flexibility, reliability and long-term performance
Polybutene carrier pipes
Polybutene carrier pipes
Polybutene carrier pipes
Polybutene carrier pipes
Polybutene carrier pipes
Polybutene carrier pipes

Polybutene pipes enjoy a broad acceptance among engineers, architects, planners, building contractors, installers and homeowners for heating, cooling and potable water installations. That’s because the ease and reliability of installation in combination with its exceptional resilience over a long lifetime make polybutene (PB-1) an ideal choice of carrier pipes for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Polybutene pipes for universal, reliable service

PB-1 carrier pipes ensure uncomplicated efficiency in various climates and applications worldwide, from indoor cooling systems in Panama to large-scale potable water networks in the Netherlands. It is the best in class for energy efficiency, pressure and temperature rating, making it ideal for pressurized hot and cold water installations.

50+ years performance with PB-1 carrier pipes

The high resistance of polybutene to stress, corrosion, frost, chlorine and aggressive water ensure a lifetime from 50 – 100 years (depending on the application). In domestic applications, polybutene pipes absorb and suppress sound and are not subject to 'water hammer' particularly in areas with high water delivery pressures.


Our flexible range of polybutene carrier pipes is available in OD 16 to OD 110 mm, in sticks (3m or 6m) or coils up to 75m. For diameters of OD 125 up to 225mm, our PB-1 pipes are semi-flexible and available in sticks of 6m and 12m, depending on the diameter. We also offer PB-1 pipes with oxygen barrier (up to OD 90mm) to avoid corrosion with metallic parts in boilers and control manifolds.

For more information on polybutene pipes, their application or technical details, click here

  • Sustainability

    Fully recyclable

  • Installation

    Ease and speed of installation

  • Specificities

    Pipe flexibility – low bending forces

    Energy savings in use

    No scale build up or corrosion

    Quiet systems

    Low possibility of cold weather burst

    Safe and secure operation

    Long lifetime expectancy

  • Service temperature

    Wide temperature range

    Minimum -15°C

    Maximum 95°C

  • Pressure rating




  • Additional information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the technical datasheet!

  • Availabilities

    Fully flexible range:

    Pipe diameters medium pipe OD16 – OD110 (OD16 - OD90 with oxygen barrier)

    Pipes in sticks (3/6m)

    Coils of up to 300m (depending on diameter)

    Semi flexible range:

    Pipe diameters medium pipe OD125 – OD225

    Pipes in sticks of 6/12m (depending on diameter)

Polybutene-1, ideal for domestic and district heating, cooling and potable water applications

Polybutene pipe systems have multiple performance advantages, making it the latest generation choice for piping systems by engineers worldwide:

  • High flexibility
  • Minimal creep
  • High tensile strength
  • Minimal heat loss
  • Low noise transmission
  • No water hammer
  • Minimal expansion forces
  • Long lifetime (up to 100 years depending on use)
  • Size range from 20 to 125mm in SDR class 11
  • Available with oxygen barrier (up to OD 90mm)
  • Smooth internal walls (7 x 10-6 m over lifetime)
  • Less pressure loss, no biofilm or incrustation
  • Allows electrofusion, poly-fusion and butt-fusion welding
  • 100% recyclable

For more information on polybutene pipes, their application or technical details, click here

Simple and safe installation with PB-1 carrier pipes

The flexibility, weldability and light weight of polybutene pipe systems have revolutionized how hot and cold water systems are installed. It requires no bending tools, no naked flame, and no fluxes or chemicals. Electrofusion, poly-fusion and butt-fusion welding techniques ensure homogeneous, durable and record-breaking system welding in respect to ease, speed and reliability of installation.

Prefabrication for large-scale networks

For district applications such as potable water networks, Thermaflex can deliver fully prefabricated and factory-tested polybutene networks. This reduces the amount of on-site welded connections by 70% of traditional designs. This comes with multiple benefits:

  • Minimize installation risk
  • Reduce handling and trench time
  • Stay on budget and planning
  • Control installation and overhead costs

Comprehensive installation support

  • Welding training
  • On-site installation support
  • Installation manuals
  • Pre-check of design and parts during order
  • Tools & accessories (discover them here)

For more information on polybutene pipes, their application or technical details, click here


  Pressure drop PB-pipes PDF 44 KB Preview Download Mail

Pressure drop PB-pipes

Brochures Catalogues

  Flexalen Product Guide PDF 4623 KB Preview Download Mail

The Flexalen Product Guide offers all system, application & technical specifications for all Flexalen product ranges.

  FAQs Polybutene PDF 2492 KB Preview Download Mail

Here you will find answers according the frequently asked quastions about Polybutene.

  Successful in the past - prepared for the future (PBPSA) PDF 1619 KB Preview Download Mail

This brochure is giving an introduction to Polybutene including a review of the performance of Polybutene pressure piping systems in meeting the needs of sustainable building regulations.

Environmental Certifications

  Flexalen PB carrier pipes - Cradle to Cradle Silver PDF 664 KB Preview Download Mail
  Flexalen PB carrier pipes - Cradle to Cradle Silver Material Health Certificate PDF 159 KB Preview Download Mail


  KIWA - KOMO Product Certificate BRL 5606 - PB pipes PDF 442 KB Preview Download Mail

Certificate number: K25546/01.

KOMO Product certificate for PB pipes. 

(December 2004).

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