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Ultra-M Tubes

Where great looks meet great performance
Ultra-M Tubes
Ultra-M Tubes
Ultra-M Tubes
Ultra-M Tubes

Just seconds to install
Thermaflex Ultra-M tube insulation installs in seconds. Just use the convenient zipper to add security and pleasing aesthetics to your pipes. 

For years of protection

Thermaflex Ultra-M tube is ideal for heating and sanitary pipe applications, especially where attractive aesthetics and enhanced hygiene are necessary. It’s designed to prevents heat loses in pipes, protect against mechanical damage and maintain its performance throughout its life cycle. Thermaflex Ultra-M tubes have a nominal wall thickness, which means the product adjusts easily to pipe dimensions.

Help for installers

Thermaflex offers installers energy savings calculation tools.

  • Installation

    Quick and easy installation

  • Specificities

    Unique aesthetic appearance

    Easy cleaning due to embossed skin

  • Fire

    Good flame extinguishing properties

    SBI FL

  • Health

    Produced without (h)CFC

  • Service temperature

    Wide service temperature range

    Maximum 95°C (EN 14707)

  • Additional information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the technical datasheet!

  • Availabilities

    Standard length: 2m

    Wall thickness: 7,5; 9; 13 mm

    Diameter: 12 till 114 mm

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