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Flexalen HRV

Healthy recovery
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV
Flexalen HRV

Flexalen HRV is our smart and sustainable, yet simple solution for energy recovery from ventilation systems. This effective member of our Flexalen family ensures a solid, safe and trouble-free ducting system for optimizing the efficiency and acoustic performance of ventilation installations.

In full flow

The rigid ducting system integrates both thermal and acoustic insulation in a single pre-fabricated solution. The integration of Polyolefin insulation foam in mechanically strong and shockproof casing makes this Flexalen component highly suitable for ventilation systems, preventing corrosion and noise disturbance. On top of that, it maximizes the efficiency of heat recovery while ensuring an optimal indoor air quality.

Proof of concept

The Flexalen HRV system is characterized by a simple, quick and secure installation. With only a few components the HRV assortment, a ducting system can be made for all common pipe applications. Its components are easy to assemble and shorten, securing complete air-tightness of the system.

That quality was recognized by the organization committee of the VSK exhibition in 2012 in The Netherlands. Thermaflex Flexalen HRV was nominated for the VSK award in the category “Air”.

“an innovative and sustainable system, with a high quality performance, fast and easy installing, with a high no failure quote. The small range of products is the solution for decreasing stock space and value. Market opportunities are well recognized by all disciplines in the market chain.”
“The assortment of Flexalen HRV minimizes our stock value and space with more than 50 %. In the past we needed about 12 products for our customers to install HRV units with 2 system diameters, 150 and 180 mm. Flexalen HRV provides the opportunity to install these units within a total of 5 products.”

Koen Willems, Product Manager Ventilation from Air Trade Centre, a Belgian wholesaler

  • Sustainability

    Fully recyclable

  • Installation

    Fast, easy and safe to install

  • Specificities

    Unique aesthetic and technical appearance

    Low noise levels


    Strong and rigid system

  • Service temperature

    Wide service temperature range

    Minimum -40°C

    Maximum 95°C (EN 14707)

  • Water

    Closed cell structure for excellent water vapor barrier

    Water repelled, hygienic ducting

  • Insulation

    Excellent insulation properties

    Lambda 0.040 W/mK at 40°C (EN ISO 8497)

  • Additional information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the technical datasheet!

  • Availabilities

    Complete system fits to all the units available in the market.

    Connecting all HRV units system diameters from 100 mm up to 200 mm.

    Tubes L2000

    Bends 90 deg

    T pieces 90 deg


    Roof Terminal

    Wall Terminal

    Flat Flashing

    Color: black

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