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It’s not just the cold. It’s the frost. The most common cause of frozen pipes, other than freezing temperatures, is the lack of insulation or inadequate protection against frost. You can try to combat frost with a dryer, heat gun, or hot water. For other alternatives, there is ThermaTrace.

ThermaTrace to the rescue

ThermaTrace cable is self-regulating heating cable. It can be used for frost protection, or to maintain specified temperatures of refrigerant pipes and boilers.

ThermaTrace uses two parallel heating elements, encased in protective silicon, which form insulation and an outer surface of the cable. The heating cable responds automatically to changes in weather. When temperatures increase, the synthetic material expands to reduce the load. When the temperature drops, the load increases. So the heating power varies with the temperature of the surface where the heating cable is installed. These cables do not overheat - even if they overlap.

  • Installation

    Adjustable for various applications

    Can be cut to size

    Full range of accessories for easy installation

  • Protection

    Automatic temperature adjustment through self-regulating cable

    Two output power ranges

    No overheating risk

  • Power

    Rated voltage: 230V

    Power rating: 17W / m (at. + 5 ° C)

  • Flexibility

    Minimum bending radius: 25 mm

  • Service temperature

    Maximum operating temperature: 65°C

  • Availabilities

    Dimensions: 7.9 x 5.6 mm

    Length available: By request up to 200 m

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