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Winter is nothing to fear

Help pipes run free year ‘round. Frozen water can lead to burst pipes, faulty plumbing, a shortage of water and expensive repairs. The impact of winter on your water system can’t be underestimated, because it can be devastating. Low temperatures can turn the water in your pipes to ice. But now there is a solution.

  • Installation

    Very easy to install

  • Specificities

    Keep your water system safe with ThermaLint

    Provides automatic frost protection

    Prevents needless energy use


    Wide range of applications

    Water pipes and meters

    Condensation drainage pipes

    Fire hose pipes

    Building water supplies

    Water pipes in or outside stables

    Sprinkler systems



    Outdoor water connections

    Pipes on boats

  • Certificates

    Holds KEMA certification and meets international safety standards

  • Power

    Power: 16 Watt / m

    Supply: 230V AC

    Power cable: 3 x 0.75 mm2, length 2 meters

    Built in thermostat

  • Protection

    Tube protected with 13 mm Thermaflex insulation

    15mm -45°C

    76mm -20°C

    60mm -25°C

    48mm -30°C

    42mm -35°C

    35mm -40°C

    28mm -40°C

    22mm -45°C

  • Additional information

    For more details contact Thermaflex or download the technical datasheet!

  • Availabilities

    Standard lengths: 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36, 48,and 61 meters

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