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Thermaflex signs the Dutch Climate Act

November 05, 2015 in Press

On the National Sustainability Congress in Bessum, the Netherlands, leading companies including Delta Lloyd, IKEA, Royal Haskoning DHV and Thermaflex joined forces under the Dutch Climate Coalition. Their signatures on the Dutch Climate Act demonstrates dedication and responsibility for the future of our planet.

Together with other key levers for sustainable change, the coalition strives to accelerate the establishment of a climate-neutral society. Since the start of the movement, over 300 companies, institutions, governments and NGOs have committed their efforts to develop a zero/beneficial-impact model for their operations by 2050.

As a collaborative community, the Climate Coalition will work together and share ideas, innovations and solutions to design and implement a solid base for green and sustainable growth. The Paris Climate Summit at the end of this month will be another key opportunity to unite as society for the looming climate challenges we face today, and how we can effectively tackle them.

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