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​Thermaflex presents: Deep Geothermal for District Heating and Spa resorts in Romania and Bulgaria @ the European Geothermal Congress, Strasbourg

September 13, 2016 in Events

The energy trapped in the upper 6 km of the earth’s crust contains almost 50,000 times as much energy than in all the world’s oil and gas reserves combined - a huge potential that remains largely untapped today. Not only is geothermal energy pretty much inexhaustible; it is also clean; leaves behind no waste; and is not weather-dependent, making it a highly sustainable energy source. So how can we tap the full potential of the world’s vast underground reservoirs of hot water and steam?

One considerable challenge in the current economic crisis concerns the financing and development of new heat grid infrastructures. Retrofitting existing district heating systems offers a great alternative for developing the GeoDH market. Using 2 retrofit examples– Otopeni in Romania and Sapareva Banja in Bulgaria – we will share the project experiences from planning to realization, showing how obstacles and challenges could be overcome through sustainable distribution solutions and smart network design.

Sharing best practices

This presentation will take place at 12.20 on the September 22nd during the “ T6a Smart Grids and District Heating” session of the European Geothermal Congress in Strasbourg, where Christian Engel, Thermaflex’s District Energy expert, will be sharing experiences and insights at the hand of these two best-in-class case studies. Both countries are rich in deep Geothermal resources with a temperature level suitable for direct use in District Heating. However, both with existing district heating systems that date from the mid-1990s, thus needing renovation or even dwell reactivation.

New mindsets, new opportunities

This is a one of a kind opportunity for the entire geothermal community to unite, inspire and raise awareness to boost the adaptation of geothermal energy solutions. We are excited to see new promising innovations, insights, and research of the world’s best and brightest minds in the geothermal energy industry.

The sky’s the limit as astounding progress in the geothermal sector has been made. At Thermaflex, we are happy to contribute to the geothermal movement and maximize the benefit it yields for stakeholders. The future is already here and we want to empower others to get into the driving seat of the transformation towards fossil-free heating in Europe, and worldwide.

So join us to discover how!

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