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Thermaflex inspires - a digital rebirth

June 30, 2015 in Press


Our digital makeover responds to the change we aim to drive today as Thermaflex. We strive for a ‘WE-conomy’, where we look for solutions, innovations and improvements in cooperation and co-creation with our stakeholders, and add value to society in this way. We want to make that vision clear, and show the world who we really are and what we have to offer. That’s why we’ve created a platform that can show this, and actively invite the outside world into our company.

We’re proud to show our strong market orientation and innovative technologies. These developments did not only change our business, it changed us too…

And thus arose the need to evolve the way we communicate with our stakeholders, with our digital platform as an effective way to do so.


The first thing you will find is a much more visually inviting appeal, representing the true values of our brand. We extend that invitation in our clear and open communication. We want to share our personality with our stakeholders and engage them by offering insight into our ideals, to give a clear idea of who we are and what we strive for as Thermaflex.

We’ve clearly outlined the markets that we serve, the solutions we engineer to do so effectively with the systems that we’ve developed, consisting of our state-of-the-art components.

Finally, to make our platform as open and accessible to all, it will be available in all languages where Thermaflex operates to be able to become an interactive platform that allows us to interact with all of our stakeholders.

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