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Solarus wins Accenture Innovation Award 2016

October 31, 2016 in General

AMSTERDAM/VENLO – October 28th - Solarus, with its highly innovative and disruptive PowerCollector™, wins the Accenture Innovation Award 2016.In the category Clean and Affordable Energy Solarus was judged the best innovation of this year. The jury, headed by former Dutch minister of the environment mrs. Jacqueline Cramer, found three specific USP’s as a reason to pick Solarus.Her brief comment from the jury: “ We really appreciated the innovative combination of two technologies, heat and PV in one platform. The product is hugely scalable and marketable. And we valued the inclusivity of the company. The fact that Solarus has a mission as a social enterprise and wants to bring good to the world made it the winner in a strong field of contestants This is a social enterprise that is putting meaning first, not only making money.”

"The award is a huge recognition for Solarus and its technology” says Leen Zevenbergen, CEO of the company. “It shows that building a company with a clear mission to make the world a better place pays off. This recognition will help the company to move forward and will support our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.”

And he continues: “I am so proud on my team, the whole international Solarus-crew worked very hard to come where we are now. I am even a bit emotional about it. It is for us a strong confirmation that we are really on to something big. In the market people start to understand the huge potential of PVT. Every year 50% of all energy consumed goes to the production of heat. Most of this energy comes from non-renewables. We should change this drastically. According to the International Energy Agency the most efficient technology to capture heat from the sun is PVT technology.”

"Today we met a lot of people that were really enthusiastic about our technology and our mission. We even got quite a few invitations from large corporates, some key investors and some possible strategical partners to meet with them on short notice. It is really a boost for all of us!"

Company background and mission

Solarus is a private company founded in 2006 and it develops, produces and sells hybrid solar PowerCollectors with a peak efficiency up to 70%. The company is headquartered in Venlo (The Netherlands) and has an R&D centre in Gävle (Sweden). Solarus works worldwide with local distributors and installers and is now active in Europe, (South) Africa, India, Brazil and Turkey. The company’s vision is ‘Solar power for the people’. The mission of Solarus is to fight energy poverty and decrease the emission of CO2 and pollutants that come from burning fossil fuels. In South-Africa Solarus is setting up a financing scheme to supply people who suffer from energy poverty, with clean and affordable energy delivered by PowerCollectors. By being good Solarus is doing good, which is a reason for Solarus to be a certified BCorp (

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