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New, extraordinary application of Thermaflex foam: It helps to protect against coronavirus in Spatkap visors

May 20, 2020 in Press

Not only a great insulation material in heating, cooling or plumbing systems, but also a valuable part of protection shields against COVID-19 infection. For the high-quality polyolefin foam Thermaflex has found additional use as an element of modern Spatkap protective visors.

During the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic innovative, unconventional ideas are needed to support health protection, especially for those who have contact with many people in the course of their professional duties: dentists, hairdressers, salespeople, physiotherapists... Spatkap visors are the solution created in the Netherlands using polyolefin foam by Thermaflex.

Anyone who has already worn similar shields knows how uncomfortable they can be and how difficult it is to wear them for several hours without a break. The Spatkap protection mask is a safe, functional, comfortable and inexpensive alternative, which can easily be assembled from the elements supplied. It covers the whole face, protecting eyes, nose, mouth and chin from contact with the virus. It is reusable and can be worn again after disinfection. Its largest part - the protective shield - is made of PETG, also used for sterile packaging of medical equipment. The visor is fixed to the head with one elastic band. The other band is placed at the bottom of the shield to stabilize the shape of the whole structure. The visor is held on the forehead by a strap made of plastic. Thermaflex and Spatkap designers have discovered that it is worth adding a skin protection here which would prevent a plastic imprint on the skin and therefore make the visor more comfortable to wear. So they designed an additional pad made of polyolefin foam by Thermaflex. The handy insulation strap can be attached easily and securely to the face-shield.

Our ultralight face shield has already been quite comfortable due to its flexibility. But we decided to improve it for people who wear it on their heads all day, sweating in hot tents in refugee camps. So with the fantastic support of Thermaflex North West Europe and Algemene Rubber Industrie Eindhoven we developed the foam pads. Thermaflex operated at an impressive pace, supplying 1.5 million foam pads for Spatkap. Since this solution has worked, it is already a permanent feature of our visors. Polyolefin foam Thermaflex International is a worldwide phenomenon

explains Coen Hoogstraten, the owner of Spatkap.

The secret of Thermaflex foam

The polyolefin foam has extraordinary properties. Its cellular structure is uniform and closed. This means that it does not deform or absorb moisture and is resistant to mechanical damage. It also has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, which in turn has a positive effect on reducing heat loss when used in heating applications. Moreover, this insulation material is essential part of Thermaflex’ Cradle to Cradle certified products: Flexalen 600 or ThermaSmart PRO. This certification is awarded to products manufactured with the lowest possible environmental impact and with a consideration for circulation economy.

We are proud that our product is helping to protect people against SARS-CoV-2 infection. Personal protection is now of great importance. It is increasingly important that the solutions used for this purpose are not only effective but also comfortable. That's why the Thermaflex specialists have been very committed to improving Spatkap

says Thomas van den Groenendaal, Commercial Manager of Thermaflex North West Europe

You can find the Spatkap protective visor instruction video here:

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