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FlexaNet Street in a Day: the district energy revolution we’ve been waiting for

By Karolina Krol on June 14, 2016 in Press

Considering cities account for over 70% of the world’s energy use (half of which to satisfy thermal needs), district energy networks have an immense role to play in establishing smart, affordable and low-carbon energy solutions. Unfortunately, due to the widespread use of unsustainable materials, incorrect dimensioning, or skyrocketing time and investment costs, the installation or renovation of District Heating and Cooling (DHC) systems have quite some way to go. That's why we are happy to announce the district energy revolution with our newest innovation: FlexaNet Street in a Day! 

From dream to reality

In 2010, when we really dedicated our full focus to future-oriented, sustainable concepts - not only in terms of operation, but also installation - we set out to tackle these challenges in a single solution. What at first sounded like a utopian dream, is now a reality in practice: Street in a Day: a fully pre-fabricated district heating network solution on coil to connect an entire street of houses in just a single day. 

FlexaNet has been developed based on the excellent properties of Flexalen – our flexible pre-insulated piping system with complete homogeneous weldability. This allows for customized prefabrication with 70% of the housing connections readily attached on a 100% clean and controlled factory floor, before being checked and tested with compressed air. These prefabricated sections can be very easily installed at building sites by simply uncoiling them into the trench, hooking up the individual houses. This design for simplicity allows for district heating projects to be implemented at 30% less installation cost, 4-5 times quicker in time and at minimal disturbance.

Check out the full product details here, and the promotional video below:


Proof of concept

The first pilot project with Street in day was launched in 2013 in the Dutch city of Hengelo at the absolute world record of one day (check out the case study here). At the end of 2014 we were able to confirm that the performance in Hengelo was not a matter of luck or as in the Tyrolean town of Wörgl we were able to connect 20 houses to the biomass-powered district heating network in a matter of hours!

"Street in a day" it is not only about time and cost savings. Also very much at the core of this concept is our ambition to establish sustainable energy systems with high ecological value while at the same time ensuring a high, and reliable level of comfort for residents. Not only today, but also for future generations...

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