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Announcing the Creation of our Strategic Advisory Board

January 10, 2017 in Press

Inspired by nature, Thermaflex focuses on climate, energy, resources and its role in the ecosystem. Operating in 15 countries worldwide, of which 5 with own production sites, Thermaflex facilitates sustainable energy saving and a transition to circularity in over 45 countries worldwide. In close cooperation with its stakeholders, Thermaflex continuously innovates its processes, solutions, concepts and implementations in a most sustainable way.

Since 2014 Thermaflex has reached several noteworthy milestones. Two of its core product groups;  ThermaSmart PRO® technical insulation and Flexalen® pre-insulated pipes for heating and cooling networks, have achieved Cradle to Cradle certification. In the meantime, already half of the global Thermaflex Group of companies have become B Corp Certified.

Building further on its ambitions, Thermaflex sought to pool strategic expertise and has established a Strategic Advisory Board. The members of this board will act as a soundboard and sparring partner for ideas and developments that add value for people, planet and profit. Their different backgrounds and areas of expertise will act to inspire, challenge and forward strategies to promote Thermaflex as a company, as well as its markets as a whole.

Together, the members of the Advisory Board represent a unique combination of executive expertise in the areas of finance & banking, global business development, sustainable business and purpose-driven entrepreneurship. 

“Their combined in-depth global experience and highly compatible business philosophy gives me and the leading team fantastic added resources and sparring partners to advance our company in its global expansion and effectiveness in a most responsible way” explains Gerrit-Jan Baars, CEO of Thermaflex.

Advisory board members:

Wim Schreuder Goedheijt

Rob Boogaard

Pablo Smolders

Marcello Palazzi

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