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Thermal Centers

Hot rocks in a cool solution
Thermal Centers
Thermal Centers
Thermal Centers

Timeless blessing. Whether used in caves, hot springs or roman bathing houses, for thousands of years we could rely on geothermal energy for our health and wellness. It is clean; leaves behind no waste; is not weather-dependent ; and is pretty much inexhaustible. Above all, the Earth’s vast underground reservoirs of hot water and steam are free for the taking. The challenge lies in ensuring an efficient distribution of that energy to maximize returns so that both your investment and mind can come to peace.

A head of steam

A clean and efficient use of our natural waters can provide high quality thermal centres with sustainable health and well-being of their guests. Leading thermal wellness centre operators in France, Austria and Hungary are successfully doing so using our distribution systems for over 30 years. That’s because our systems are attuned to the highest levels of efficiency, safety, and sustainability. How?

  • We minimize heat losses, installation time, human and financial capital
  • We provide a clean and healthy thermal supply
  • We secure cradle-to-cradle solutions with reliable, robust and fully recyclable systems

As an experienced partner in thermal water transport we know that every project is different, so we tailor our solutions to your specific needs and conditions. In this way, you get to relax with a lifetime optimal level of thermal comfort for healthy minds and bodies.

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