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Levers for change – energy efficiency as a key resource

Rising to the challenge.Throughout time industries have made great strides in revolutionizing production processes. The constant pursuit of efficiency in processes has seen tremendous progress in the labour, capital and resource requirements to serve the daily needs of millions around the globe. Those needs are growing, yet our resources are not boundless. Especially when it comes to energy. So how can we address that challenge today?

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Tapping the potential

Globally, an enormous potential exists regarding energy efficiency in industrial processes. Ecofys, a leading consultant in energy and carbon efficiency, estimates that the annual cost-effective potential for industrial insulation is more than the average energy consumption of 10 million households in Europe alone. 

Full-proof, future-proof

In our own processes and buildings, Thermaflex is always in pursuit of durable and renewable materials and energy resources. We take that responsibility seriously in our chain, branch and markets so that we can provide the same for, and in co-creation with, our stakeholders. We constantly drive innovation to secure efficient, reliable and highly durable solutions for industrial heating, cooling and ventilation applications to the highest green building standards. Our systems yield immense returns for large-scale extraction and manufacture, ensuring optimal operational performance while significantly cutting energy and environmental costs.

Low hanging fruit

Together we can realize these ambitions and haul in substantial green credentials for resource-efficient and low-carbon production – even for the most energy-intensive industries. And that door is wide open considering the wide financial and regulatory support for these innovations in combination with our carefree and hassle-free formula. Our materials allow for a swift, yet sound installation or renovation with minimal downtime and minimal disruptions to the vicinity. So there's a lot be won for producers, consumers, environment and society at large...

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