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Government & Municipality

Energy and sustainable development: an open door

In the driver seat. Governments and municipalities have a crucial role to play in the transition to sustainable energy and a circular economy. In representing their local communities, they are uniquely placed to enable large-scale integrated solutions that can rapidly advance both energy efficiency and renewable energy. One such integrated solution is the development of modern (district) energy systems.

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The fine shades of green

Moving to sustainable energy is critical if the world is to achieve sustainable and equitable development: from eradicating poverty and social inequality to combating climate change and ensuring a healthy environment. As cities represent more than 70 % of the global energy demand, their energy policy responses are crucial in achieving those goals. Infrastructure is the key to facilitate local, private investment in local renewable energy with the latest technology.

Tackling the challenges together

No need to go at it alone. Many local and regional bodies team up to address these challenges. Across Europe, and even beyond, a wide range of signatories under the Covenant of Mayors have committed to increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources in their commissions. This way, they can endorse and support their efforts in boosting the deployment of modern district energy systems.

Let’s make the change!

As Thermaflex, we have a history of pioneering innovations. Our design for efficiency, sustainability and recyclability aims to minimize the use of resources for maximum benefit. We take that responsibility seriously. Through the systems we provide as well as in our processes. Together, through cooperation and co-creation with community stakeholders, we can work on a better future for all.

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