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City Heating and Cooling

Green cities: valuable living at minimal cost
City Heating and Cooling
City Heating and Cooling
City Heating and Cooling
City Heating and Cooling
City Heating and Cooling

Rising to the challenge. The world today is one of looming climate challenges and limited resources, most importantly in the field of energy. On average, 40% - 50% of our energy use goes to heating and cooling, making it our largest energy expense. Yet there is immense saving potential while at the same time securing a reliable supply.

District heating & cooling is a key path to tackle the objective of establishing low carbon communities. Municipalities and energy providers that adapt their heating and cooling services to new, sustainable standards regarding installation, renovation and expansion on district level will secure reliable comfort for residents at low cost. The challenge then lies in finding efficient solutions, ideally using renewable sources, to ensure a profitable future for all.

Let’s join forces

In close cooperation with municipalities, energy providers, designers and network operators we have developed green, reliable network solutions with a life-time efficiency to meet today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges, protecting both investment and environment…


  New ‘Slimnet’ for 4,000 homes is blueprint for the future PDF 562 KB Preview Download Mail

Purmerend’s district heating resurrection at steep returns: In September 2015, the multiannual renovation project for 4,000 homes concluded for the city of Purmerend, the Netherlands. The cooperation between Thermaflex and local district heating company Stadsverwarming Purmerend saw the successful end of SVP’s ‘SlimNet’ program, aimed at reviving Purmerend’s deteriorated district heating network. Read the full article here.

  EuroHeat&Power: Optimized heating and cooling systems PDF 270 KB Preview Download Mail

New economic connection solution for flexible piping: optimized heating and cooling systems for low energy housing developments. 

(EuroHeat&Power Magazine, English Edition, Feb. 2013)

  EuroHeat&Power: Innovative concept with flexible pipes PDF 435 KB Preview Download Mail

Innovative Concept with flexible pipes: 

New Record: 1,5 hours for ten house connections.

(EuroHeat&Power Magazine, English Edition, Nov. 2014)

Environmental Certifications

  What is an EPD? PDF 421 KB Preview Download Mail

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